The Belgian postal service has this impressive app that allows you to send personalized postcards. You just upload some pics from your phone and you’re ready to go.

When you live in a country where postal workers have to take the overcrowded city bus with their heavy carts in tow you are simply awestruck at how smoothly this app works. Not to mention the daunting challenge of having to go down to a local post office… Rudest people I have ever met in my life. Except for a couple Russians and some people who lived in Brussels for too long.

So I have been sending cards to friends and family. To family I sent pictures of my son. You can send them to any foreign country as well at a very low cost. They don’t always arrive then. Like it’s always a risk to send anything to Slovakia.

To my physician in Belgium (haven’t seen him since way back in 2015) I have sent four pictures of doctors who are/were also writers. Nawal El Sadaawi, Henry Marsh, Gabor Maté and Anton Tchechov. 

A collage of Civil War generals had to be sent of course.

To supreme expert in all things Slovak, the incomparable Abram Muller, I sent a picture of his favorite band the Rolling Stones.

Great fun, I must say. Sure, call me sentimental.

No, am not receiving even one penny for promoting this app. If you want to give it a try you can search online for a mobile postcard app by Bpost. You don’t have to be Belgian to use the app. And it’s all in English. So check it out.