Slovakia is always a late adopter when it comes to trends like this. Still, it’s sort of ridiculous that what was on every front page of every western newspaper a few years ago is now a thing around here as if it’s something new. Kinda like you have been thrown into a time machine against your will.

The topic has been around for some time here but until recently it had stayed under the radar.

Nothing like a silly incident on television to spark a debate though and give people who make their money in the media, classic or social, some fuel for their business. Every local celebrity with an Instagram account is jumping on this topic like a famished hyena. Let’s get some likes by the usual virtue signalling! It’s so easy.

What happened?

Some locally famous loser touched a woman’s ass behind the scenes of a television programme. He didn’t want to apologize. Now every female celebrity and wannabe celebrity (God save us from attention whore Dorota Nvotova…) has her own metoo story to tell. Often not rape stories but stories about being groped by men while in a crowd. The lines have become very blurry when it comes to rape and inappropiate behavior of a sexual nature.

Some fat old dude grabbing your ass is disgusting for sure. What those men get out of that is a bit of a mystery. It must be more a stupid attempt to feel powerful for a second. I doubt you can derive sexual satisfaction from a disgraceful act like that.

The clash between women and men will never end. Men want something from women that women do not want to give in the overwhelming majority of cases. This is absolutely their right and this insurmountable difficulty in somehow harmonizing the needs of men and women is impossible.

Nature has set up the system like that. Men have to compete to win the sexual favors of women and about 85 percent of men will almost always lose. These are the men whose attention women do not desire. When women doll themselves up – ‘for themselves’ haha!! sure… – they are hoping to get some attention from the very small number of men they find truly attractive. In doing so they mostly receive the absolutely unwanted attention from the majority of men that basically disgust them. In an ideal world men would always get the sex they want and women would somehow only get attention from the men whose attention they welcome. This is an impossibility. Men and women are bound to frustrate each other.

Interesting to note that the most attractive women are not very vocal about this stuff. Since moral outrage is often just jealousy but with a golden rim you might come to suspect that the women eager to condemn this sort of behavior, wrong though it may be, could have an ulterior motive: taking revenge on men for never flirting with them.

This is of course in no way to say that men can go about squeeze the derrière of any woman they fancy, but it’s also true that not every aspect of this trend is being discussed. The way this debate is going is that it will inevitably lead to the death of flirting, the rise of men who are super nervous around women and ultimately a lot more women decrying the disappearance of masculinity.

I have been predicting this for years, but let me repeat it: at some point in the future of humanity we will have no sexuality, at the very least not as it exist today. Maybe there will be a pill for it, or a robot, or a virtual reality suit or something, but sex will die out.

Maybe only the most attractive people from both sexes will continue to have sex. Already now young people are having less and less sex. In Japan, one of the most advanced societies, sex is already vanishing and/or morphing into something that has very little to do with intimacy or human interaction.

The position of the western woman is getting better every day and yes, that’s wonderful and long overdue. I just think that unfortunately we are destroying masculinity in the process, not enhancing it.

Just in my own social circle I have heard about three men who ended their lives and one who tried.

Just look around. Men are in crisis. I wish women could rise without men going down. There must a way to rise hand in hand. Instead I see women slowly becoming more confident, more materially successful and I see men basically never becoming men.

I see a lot of young men either shying away from a relationship with a woman because it’s just too frustrating and scary or young men hunting one woman after the other thinking they can prove something that way but never realizing they lack a solid basis for their masculinity and they try and make up for it by ‘conquering’ woman after woman. In vain. On top of all they blame and criticize these women when they inevitably fail to fill their inner void or need.

Anyway, if this Slovak metoo movement can avoid the pitfalls of toxic femininity it can do this country some good. At the moment Slovakia is still a patriarchy with lots of women damaged by emotionally unavailable fathers. Damaged in ways they can’t even imagine. With a very surprising, very secret, but very real desire to be sexually used and dominated by some macho guy.

Yes, this is a generalization, but I swear these desires are common in Slovakia.

I am also convinced that a shockingly large number of Slovak women tend to have affairs at some point in their relationship and are extremely good at hiding this from their partners.

Their won’t be much mainstream news or testimonies about that undeniable trend any time soon.

The current media trend is to call men bad and women good. Easy.

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