By now I have watched this movie at least 20 times.


Because one of its central motives is loyalty.

Loyalty between friends, but also between lovers.

And I miss that.

Over the last ten years I have lost pretty much all faith in friendship.

People tell you they love you, they tell other people how much they love and respect you, they say stuff like how you are their best friend, their best friend ever, and then one day, when you temporarily do not fulfill a need they had, or when they find a better way to fill that need, they ghost you, they just vanish, like they were never part of your life.

That’s why I love to watch The Town, because when you don’t have the real thing, you get addicted to the makeshift version of it.

Like drinking salt water when you are thirsty, I keep watching the Town.

Like I used to watch the same romantic movie over and over and over and over again because I had no girlfriends.

That got sorted out, so now I bingewatch movies about loyalty between male friends.