‘A shot goose will make a gaggle.’

It basically means this:

If you say something or write something and somebody reacts vociferously and/or vehemently to it, you’ve struck a chord. You’ve said something that the listener/reader strikes as true, but doesn’t want to accept as true.

Over the past couple of months many Slovakians have reacted with this saying when I told them I got some annoyed reaction to something I wrote or did. It’s a popular saying around here, and deservedly so, because it’s chunkful of wisdom.

So, lately,  whenever I get a nasty  reaction to or a loud rejection of something I wrote or said, I think: ‘hmmm, so this person thinks it’s about him/her and fears it’s true…’

In English they say: ‘If nobody returns fire you are bombing the wrong targets.’

So, even though I’m not really someone who seeks conflicts – I think…- , I’m quite peaceful, and very compassionate, I often find myself smiling ear to ear when someone starts screaming about something I wrote on social media.

Very few people have the guts to come and look for me and state what they have against my posts face to face. The wisdom of the saying still applies, but people who confront me face to face instantly win my respect, even if I still disagree with them.

So, the next time someone gets on his or her high horse because of something you said or wrote, rejoice,

you’re bombing the right targets!