Expecting more of your employees/soldiers/students/children/….  than you expect of yourself.

Lecturing them on the rules, and then showing that the rules do not apply to you…

Like, silly example: ‘Nobody is allowed to eat chocolate at work’, and then you yourself gorge on chocolate in front of everyone’s eyes for the next three weeks.

You have to lead by example. It’s the only way. No title is going to do it for you, no title will get your respect or authority, it might give you some credit to start out with, but if you don’t lead by example, if you demand more of your so-called subordinates than you demand of yourself, you will erode your leadership big time.

If you set a rule and you don’t stick to it yourself, you will lose respect.

If you think you can expect people to do as you say, just because you’re the boss, you got it wrong.

Lead by example and do not rely on any title.

Nothing can compensate for this. If you, as a leader, are inconsistent, are self-indulgent, fickle or make up rules along the way to suit your own needs, no amount of flattery, no rise in salary, no tricks will get you genuine authority.

Don’t ask anything of them that you do not ask of yourself.