The main reason is that I want to finish a novel.

I thought about publishing it on the blog in episodes, but I decided against it. Because the novel is about sex. A lot of sex. Lots of explicit sex. Smelly, rampant, deviant, passionate, hungry, raging, clawing, desperate, tender, sex. And some people who read this blog would find it confusing and hard to stomach.

Plus it wouldn’t make sense from any commercial point of view, to throw it on here, just like that. It also wouldn’t be pleasant to read. Bit by bit, on a website. So it will have to appear in book form. The trouble is that am never satisfied with it. And that it lacks a story. So far it’s just one rolling fuckfest with – although I say so myself – lots of heartfelt, beautiful descriptions of women.

The other reason is that my mind looks like the picture above. It jumps everywhere and nowhere.

I feel passion for a thousands things and can’t focus on a single one.

I have ideas and feelings racing through me, hard to pinpoint, quite possibly uninteresting to share.

I have also become allergic to the internet culture, where the least educated, most violent person is the most likely to express his or her opinion. My feelings and observations on some of the more moronic things I have seen posted over the past few months are worthy of a separate blog post.

Anyway, I wish to finally publish a book on sex and women. A feminist novel even though the main character will fuck anything female, attractive and intelligent in a skirt. The book will be meant for a female audience, cause my highly prejudiced opinion of men and their ability to understand emotions stays as low as ever.

So the short answer:

I haven’t blogged in over three months, because am hatching a novel.

And I have started blogging again because I thought not blogging would make me work on the novel harder.

I was wrong.