The following article was written by a Slovak lady on Quora. We did not edit her answer in any way, so you get it warts and all.

It’s a very nice article, if one would like to focus on the bright side.

Personally I don’t care about most of the things presented here, but I think lots of people will appreciate it very much. I copy the lady’s Quora article here to counter some of my own negativity in posts on Slovakia.

And she’s being objective and not overly enthusiastic. I hate it when people pretend Slovakia or any other country is so so so amazing…

Countries are run by people, ergo, they are not nice.

Enjoy this lady’s bright perspective!!

• walkable cities – whilst most north-americans complain, that they cannot really walk or ride a bike in their town or city, because their cities simply aren´t build for walking. Slovak cities are definitely build for walkers, pedestrians are counted on everywhere. Most of the cities are small, you get anywhere by foot. Or you park your car at a good spot and the rest of your journey is walking.

• shopping centres – If you come to Bratislava in the west of Slovakia, Banska Bystrica in the central Slovakia or Kosice in the east Slovakia (the three main regions Slovakia is divided into), all of them have malls and shopping centres inside the city, usualy the city´s centre. Not outside the city as it is in many other countries

• mountains for hikers

• Castles for history geeks

• lake side beaches (no salt in your eyeballs!)

• SPAS everywhere (quite cheap) for the ones who like to chill

• Safety – very important

• Location – you can travel by car to Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Poland, and back in one day. The borders are open

• Business – Slovakia is very open to new business and is preparing new legal acts that could bring some tax relief to new investors. By living in Slovakia you will quickly find out what could be useful for the market – what type of service or product.

• Cost of living – the cost of living in Slovakia is good. Prices in Bratislava are higher than in the remaining part of Slovakia because its residents have greater purchasing power compared to the other part of Slovakia.

• UNESCO world heritage sites- a lot of UNESCO – can´t list them all, theres too many ! Too many places to go to. And gladly return back to the other day

• The Hostel movie isn´t true and wasn´t even shot in Slovakia

• Most of the people under 35 speak English or know at least the basics of the language

• Slovak people are usually very kind and helpful.

• Public education in Slovakia is free and can be characterized as very good.

• I would explain Slovakia as a country with eastern culture and western values. Its a perfect buffer zone between western europe and eastern europe. If you think this combination is ideal for your liking, you will like Slovakia too

• Lots of culture (mainly outside Bratislava, so it´s worth it stepping out of the capital)

• Slovakia has Europe´s densest toursit pathways

• central europe´s biggest drinking water supply is the Rye Island (žitný ostrov), the biggest river island in Europe

• according to, Slovak women are one of the most beautiful women in the world, which I cannot confirm and leave it up to you

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