The internet is overflowing with advice on how to create the best possible life. The most popular advice comes from… the most popular people. And these tend to be sexy, good looking, charismatic and naturally confident since the whole world druels all over them.

They will tell you the things that worked for them, but will leave out how much more opportunities they had because of the way people reacted to them.

Attractive people are less likely to get convicted of a crime, when they do get convicted they will face a more lenient punishment, they will pass oral exams more easily, get more job opportunities, know more people, find that strangers engage with them more easily, and if they’re not arrogant they will find it a lot easier to establish connections. Perhaps the only downside is that some people only invest time in them because they want to have sex with them for purely hormonal reasons.

Listening to celebrities telling you how to run your life, is like a dwarf listening to a giant basketball player on how to make it in the NBA… It’s never going to happen.

Luckily not only the people who happen to look like the beauty standards of the age get to be succesful.

So if you’re looking for good life advice, look for unattractive people (at least according to our present standards) who come from severely challenged backgrounds.

Ashton Kutcher is nice to watch, but, not many of us will have a Hollywoodian exterior, so no matter what he says, he got a massive headstart simply by being born with his face, height, etc, which makes his advice suspect for many most people on this earth.