‘Customer service wizzard at Accenture, writer, movie maker, youtuber, entrepreneur, instructor, life coach, efficiency expert and philantropist’

Yes, there are people who present themselves this way.

What can you tell from this?

The only thing that’s true is that this person works for Accenture in a job positions of which there are thousands and thousands, and the person is certainly not a wizzard at it, because wizzards move up the corporate ladder very fast.

If someone tries to dazzle you with more than 1, max 2, job titles, be very, very sceptical.

Succesful people focus on one or two things, and because they are succesful at those, they don’t need to focus on other ways to make money, nor do they have the time for it. Also: succesful never feel the need to try and convince you they are succesful, their success speaks for itself.

So if you spot someone who lists activities like he’s a small village and not one human person, show some mercy. You’ve just spotted someone very desperate, very needy and very clueless…