Friends is on Netflix.

Millenials, people born anno 2000, are discovering the show, just like we did when we were teenagers and young adults, but there’s a difference…

They don’t get it.

At least that’s what quite a few articles are now claiming. Even the Slovak media picked up the story. The only -sort of- good newspaper in Slovakia, DennikN, had a story about it this week.

Why do they claim millenials don’t understand the show?

Because some Twitter geeks took to their favorite weapon (Twitter, yes) and started yelping that Friends:

  • makes fun of fat people
  • is racist
  • promotes womanising
  • makes fun of gay people

Anyone who knows the show knows this is complete politically correct bullshit from people who have to be outraged about something new every single day of their otherwise utterly uneventful life.

A lesbian couple raises a child together AND gets married on the show. Phoebe is a fantastic symbol of a woman who chooses to enjoy her sexuality and to play the sex game on her own terms, plus, she’s a vegetarian and shows quite a lot of nice moral principles, Chandler’s father is a transgender woman and though there are several jokes about this, in the end it’s clear that her identity is accepted by everyone, Joey and Ross date not one, but two blacks girls, Chandler’s boss is black woman, Chandler has an important job interview with a black guy, Ross’s lawyer is a black guy. Ok, none of the main characters is black, true.

But to be completely politically correct the six friends would have to include all races, including an Eskimo, and perhaps also an Albino, a Thai she-male, one character would be presented as neither male nor female, and also there would be no jokes allowed, none, not a single one, and it wouldn’t be a comedy. They would also all need to be extremely unattractive, morbidly obese or anorexic. It would be a tragedy.

And some triggerhappy Twits would find something else to be outraged about and the mainstream media would take those twits as representative of an entire generation.

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t ‘get’ Friends??

We must be living in flourishing times if our biggest threat comes from a sitcom.