Christopher Bollyn is an American who studied the Middle East, especially Israel. He currently lives in Sweden, because his theories and books caught the attention of the authorities and they were none too pleased about them.

He treats 9/11 as it should be treated, as a crime scene. What are the clues? Who had a motive? Who are the suspects? What is the evidence? What happened in the wake of the crime?

He explains how it’s possible that the twin towers practically evaporate and were turned into dust, why the steel melted, why the rubble was quickly and carefully removed and destroyed so it couldn’t be examinated.

As a real expert on the Middle East he explains some of Israel’s history, its involvement in terrorist acts, its agenda and the wide variety of characters with strong links to Israel that can be linked to the 9/11 events. He also explains how the ‘usual suspects’ were framed. He also talks about the links between Larry Silverstein and former Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, the absurdity of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the origins of ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

The official story is impossible to believe the more you read about it. The least thing you could say about it, is that the attacks – in their official version- could have very easily been prevented and should not have led to the collapse of the twin towers, unless the laws of physics don’t apply anymore. The official narrative is also totally inconsistent with the numerous eye witness statements made on that day, on camera, which you can easily watch online.

You can order his book here.