1. Most of the people you have in your life right now, won’t be in it anymore in less than 7 years time

2. It gets rarer that someone actually takes the time to find out how you are really doing, because grown up stuff happens

3. Geography is the most deciding factor in all your relationships, out of sight, out of heart

4. You can be the ripest, juiciest apple in the world and you will always some people who just simply hate apples

5. Never check email or social media in the morning, if you can resist the urge, your productivity will go up and you’ll have more ideas

6. If you can stand the silence you will actually hear your own thoughts, which is a brutal experience at first, but revealing

7. You don’t have to accept every thought you have

8. If you can’t stop thinking about something, don’t give it up

9. If you can’t stop thinking about someone don’t give him/her up without a struggle

10. It’s worth it to live in poverty to chase your dreams, it beats the hell out of living in relative comfort and not chasing your dream

11. People who are really interested in you will make a real effort to get to know you

12. Reading books is mostly a waste of time, but there are many far worse ways to kill time

13. There are no guilty pleasures, if you enjoy it than enjoy it totally guilt-free

14. You are more culturally brainwashed than you think. Your opinions are mostly rehash of what you’ve wittingly or unwittingly absorbed

15. Your current reality is mostly a reflection of your beliefs

16. There’s no need to be squeamish about sex anymore. I don’t get people who are more ‘injured’ by a sex scene than a murder scene on tv.

17. If you really love someone you’ll be willing to let them go if you think they can be happier without you

18. A true friend is someone you can call in the middle of the night to come and pick you up in the middle of nowhere

19. Based on 18 you have less than 5 true friends

20. You can’t be really in touch with more than 150 people

21. Your five favorite movies (or stories) say something profound about you

22. Americans have a ‘can do’ mentality, Europeans have a ‘ok, this is probably going to fail, but let’s try it anyway’ mentality

23. If you give people responsibility they will usually rise to the occasion

24. Looks totally trump content in the initial stage of getting to know someone

25. People will get far more upset about one murder than about millions of babies dying from poor sanitation and bad water

26. Butterflies die after six to nine months

27. Artistic girls are better in bed, girls who look like sex bombs are usually totally not explosive and entirely innocent in bed…

28. If you’re open about yourself others will open up to you

29. We all have wild, ‘dirty’ fantasies

30. If you’re in a position of power you will always be criticized

31. You need to give 5 compliments for every critical remark if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with someone

32. The best breakfast is cunnilingus

33. If you feel like a superficial nobody, perhaps you are a superficial nobody

34. If criticism stings it’s very often because it’s the truth

35. The saddest people will try to make you laugh the hardest, because they never want anyone else to feel that way

36. Lazy idiots are harmless

37. Hard-working idiots are dangerous

38. Words can’t make someone fall in love with you

39. People don’t value free stuff

40. To turn boys into men we need a rite of passage and a much clearer rulebook about what it means to be a man. And boys need to spend much more time alongside men.

41. What you think you become

42. People who tell you something can’t be done are defending their own excuses to not do what they want to do

43. A day that starts with a morning run is better than a day that starts without one

44. Good colleagues are more valuable than a good salary

45. Belgians have NO IDEA how spoiled they are

46. A manifestation against something only feeds the thing it tries to destroy

47. Be for something not against something. (If you hate a certain politician, never mention him/her)

48. You can’t learn a language from a book

49. The best way to seduce a woman is to make her feel small

50. The worst way to seduce a woman is to praise her