I’m talking about the attraction a female may or may not feel towards a male.

The number one attraction killer is when your life is out of sync with how you think it should be or would want it to be.

If you lack pride in what you do or in who you are, she will sense that.

She will sense it in the way you walk, the way you talk, she will see it in your eyes, and she will feel it in the way you touch her.

That’s when what is known as ‘shit tests’ in the pick up artist community pop up.

She will basically start asking you questions that aim to puncture the image you are trying to project. She will be critical, she will scoff, in the worst case, and she will pretty much give you the feeling she does not take you seriously and often you will feel she is, sometimes with a sadistic relish, pointing out incongruences in what you say and do. She is sensing you are not being true to yourself and she does not want that in a mate, not even in those situations she is open to casual sex.

The term ‘shit tests’ is used by the shitty pick up artists, the best in the field don’t use those terms, because they have figured out that women do not do any ‘shit tests’ if you have your life together and your thoughts about who you should be are in line with who you actually are.

There is tons of stuff you can do to kill attraction in a woman, but most of those things are rooted in this main one: you are far removed from the person you want to be and the life you want to lead.

If the reverse is true, and you are thriving, and ‘living your truth’, as some famous pua put it, then you will notice how seduction gets a whole lot easier. It is still risky, it is still a ‘game’ [by that I mean that there is chance involved and strategy], but you will not feel like the girl is cross-examining you.