You have a sexy nose, cheerful sparkling eyes, hair like a model cut from one of those magazines lying around at the hairdresser’s, cute round cheeks, the softest skin, incredibly long and firm legs, a tiny hard bottom, strong feminine hands, bright red nail paints, the most amazingly perfect long, pointy nipples. You taste like the first warm day of spring on the beach. Your lips have the flesh of peaches and the color of ripe strawberries. You dress to make my balls explode, with your tights and skin tight dresses. You move with the sensuality of a young girl who’s just discovered she’s an insanely attractive woman and doesn’t know how to use these dangerous natural attributes yet. You’re not a teenager anymore, you’re a mother, with a slim waist not often seen on women who have given birth. You make the hottest moaning sounds when you’re aroused, and after long tender, slow foreplay, I want to fuck you so hard that the world won’t exist for at least two days.

We often go to public places where I finger you, stealthily, lots of people around us.

Your kiss stings on my tongue

on repeat in my ears your little song

my fingers grabbing between your legs

hidden by my jacket

one wanderlusting finger pegs

veiled behind your hair you moans

all hushed, let’s avoid a racket

the traffic drones

hungry hands, a bustling road

people pretending not to see

grabbing each other with glee

it would surprise you to know

ah, look at her sexy glow

the acts of desire sheltered by a coat

You get wetter than the mosoon in the Vietnamese jungle when we go out and you’re wearing the shortest possible skirt with your uncovered Slavic pussy underneath.

When we are alone my focus is almost always on you. I wake you up with slow kisses all over your body and I lick your wet cunt for hours. I sink next to you afterwards and you usually finish me off with your hand. When I come I grab you so hard it’s as if I want to break the physical boundaries between us and be swallowed by your being. You often say I can do anything with you. And I say you should be careful about making false promises.

To be together you have to be creative and invent reasons to be away from home. So I appreciate the effort every time you manage to slip away from the oppressive every day demands.

On a week day in the morning – you like morning sex – we meet in a hotel in a small Slovak village atop a hill. Our room is overlooking a huge lake below.

I’ve told you to wait for me in the room. Fully dressed, but doggie style on the bed. Music is playing. You have your hair in a pony tail so it doesn’t get in the way when I am hungry for your flesh. We’ve agreed not to talk. You’ve said so yourself, you’re tired of talking, you feel like doing.

You are wearing a red skirt, ten cm above the knee. You are wearing a girly T-shirt. A cute white T-shirt dotted with black teddy bears. You’re wearing a heavy necklace, a black stone. In your ears are very big, round earrings, wooden, brown. You are wearing sea-green underware. Very simple underwear, one color.

I arrive and undo your knickers, I pull them down over your legs. You stay in the position you are in, on your hands and knees. We don’t speak a word.

I put a long metal bar with ankle cuffs between your legs. You can’t close them any more. I put a small wooden chair under your belly so you still stay in doggie style position even with your legs this far apart.

I pull your skirt above the cheeks of your tight butt.

Am almost always very gentle with you, but not today. I ram it in and grab your wrist, pulling your arms behind you, and impaling you on my cock, hard. I like to hear you moan and scream. I want to know you are fully present. I want to be sure your thoughts can’t be anywhere else but here.

Eventually I scoop you up from the bed and position you in front of the bed. You have your legs stretched open wide by the metal bar between your legs. I throw your T-shirt off and unhook your bra. Your skirt stays on. I push you forward and you stabilize yourself with your hands touching the floor.

I thrust in you as we can see the lake below us as fluid and wet as your filled pussy.

You said ‘everything’, so you won’t see the bed until I’ve fucked all holes as hard as you can handle.

I fuck you till I finally come back to reality and start to be worried I might be hurting you, although so far you haven’t complained.

I put you on your belly on the bed. I lie on top of you, and we are forehead to forehead now. I want to look you in your eyes when I shoot you full.

After I cum the beast has finally been appeased, for a little while.

We cuddle intensely and I hug and caress you with so much tenderness I feel like my heart is about be ripped open with love for you. After holding you for a long time, I move down, and slowly lick your battered pussy to an orgasm.

I ask if you are ok, and you say you are. You say it’s just the chemistry between us that is causing this, that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

We talk for two hours and have normal, very tender, very sweet and loving sex in simple missionary position. We both like sex that goes on endlessly, so I stay in you for most of the day.


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