I don’t know about you, but most people I touch I’m either sexually involved with or looking to be sexually involved with. Which is weird, why can’t we disconnect the two?

When I was in Palestine men touched me all the time and easily. They hugged, grabbed each other by the arm, drew children on their laps and were generously nice to each other. I never once thought they had any ‘gay’ motive, and if they would have had such motive I would have respectfully declined, as simple as that.

I am sure our western society completely underestimates the vitality non-sexual touch brings.

I don’t know why our western society throws up so much borders between people in every possible way.

With my friends I try to break those borders as much as possible. My best friend and I hug all the time, during those rare moments we meet.

With my students I try to break this pattern a tiny little bit, when I want to show support and affection I grab them by their shoulders for example. Call me crazy but I think it enhances our mood.

I do not touch the girls, because that would immediately land me in a controversial zone. But if you think about it, even that is silly. Why should we not touch each other from time to time?

What makes western society so squeamish, so restrained and prudish and neurotic? Is it the influence of christianity? Do these patterns serve us or not?

I’ve read about how babies thrive when you touch them. How their brains only grow if you hug them a lot. That could be why my brain is rather active, I was hugged. A LOT. As a child.

So what do you think? Shouldn’t we hug a bit more often? Or am I just this crazy guy who has too many endorphines to share???

I’ve had no sexual relationship with this woman, but I do like to hug her