I’m quitting coffee. We don’t have a turkey, frozen or alive, too expensive.

This is my second day of going cold turkey (it’s an expression, I really do not have any turkey)

Yesterday I was still fine, because the day before I had drunk about 3 liters of pungent coffee. So yesterday my heartbeat was still up and my head was still buzzing with caffeine.

The headache started kicking in some time last night. At 5 am it woke me up.

I tossed and turned till 8 am. Then I took flektor, the best painkiller I know, and slept. I had a very vivid dream, something about teaching Dutch. I slept till 11h30 and now the headache is back, but not as bad as before. Am writing this to distract myself from the headache.

I also get some paranoia, but that could be from sleeping past 8 o clock. Always get paranoid feelings if I sleep during the day.

I’m quitting, because -again- my coffee habit got totally out of hand. The positive effect of it has also worn off and now I just need liters of it just to function normally. It makes me extra cranky, extra chaotic and I smell coffee everywhere I go, which can’t be good.

It causes practical problems, because I can’t leave the house without coffee. It quite likely totally dehydrates me.

It costs at least 500 euro to keep up. And that’s a very conservative estimate, it’s probably a lot more.

When I started again, somewhere in October (??), can’t say for sure, I had the impression it eased off some depressed, sad feelings, but now the reverse is the truth.

So, goodbye Joe.

(If you’ve ever wondered why a cup of coffee is often called a cup of Joe, here’s a good start to find out)