1. If it doesn’t happen immediately…

It won’t happen.

If you’re seeing each other for months and months and nothing happens, I think you are not getting into any kind of relationship except some sort of weird business arrangement that needs a lot of negotiating.

I’m not known for my patience, but why should it take so long?

Nothing beats the magic of meeting someone new and diving right into it.

2. Regular dates are like pitched battles

Take Tinder for example. The app should work, theoretically, but so does communism, theoretically.

I don’t believe in arranged dates.

There’s nothing spontaneous about it, it’s a lot of pretending, at least when you meet someone in daily life, you can’t hide so well, it’s just chemistry, and chemistry trumps everything.

3. When she doesn’t want to come over to your place

My ideal first date is just at my or at her place.

If she doesn’t want to do that and offers to go and drink coffee (as if there’s really nothing else two people could do) it’s always a bad sign.

If she’s that scared to be alone with you…

You don’t want to start with trusts issues right from the start.


These are purely my own thoughts and not backed by any science.