“A woman needs to be put in the mood. Before sex, there has to be a soothing and smoothing of the relationship, and she has to be able to stop being annoyed with him. Anger at one’s partner is one of the most common reasons for sexual problems. Many sex therapists say that, for women, foreplay is everything that happens in the twenty-four hours preceding penile insertion. For men, it’s everything that happens three minutes before. Since many parts of a woman’s brain are active at once, she must get into the mood by first relaxing and reconnecting positively with her partner. This is why she needs a good twenty-four hours to get in the mood, and why going on vacation is such an intense aphrodisiac. It allows her to unplug from daily life stress. So men, yes, bring out the flowers, chocolates, and sweet words—they work. A woman can’t be angry at her man and want to have sex with him at the same time. And women, tell your men that if they plan on criticizing you or starting a fight on the day they are hoping to get lucky, they should think again. They will have to wait for the twenty-four-hour clock to reset before you’ll be ready.”

Excerpt From: Louann Brizendine, M.D. “The Female Brain.” Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony, 2007-08-07. iBooks.

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