If you want a girl to grow up to be a self-confident woman you better make lots of eye contact with her and interact with her as much as possible, showing that you are interested in her. They pick up on the smallest cue that something is off and if the faces they see express apathy or detachment they will assume there is something wrong with them.

“Over the first three months of life, a baby girl’s skills in eye contact and mutual facial gazing will increase by over 400 percent, whereas facial gazing skills in a boy during this time will not increase at all.

Baby girls are born interested in emotional expression. They take meaning about themselves from a look, a touch, every reaction from the people they come into contact with. From these cues they discover whether they are worthy, lovable, or annoying. But take away the signposts that an expressive face provides and you’ve taken away the female brain’s main touchstone for reality. Watch a little girl as she approaches a mime. She’ll try with everything she has to elicit an expression. Little girls do not tolerate flat faces. They interpret an emotionless face that’s turned toward them as a signal they are not doing something right.”

Excerpt From: Louann Brizendine, M.D. “The Female Brain.” Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony, 2007-08-07. iBooks.
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