1. First some jokes my students told me

Why did the twins die early?

They got hit by a plane.

When I see how a couple carved their names in a tree I don’t think it’s sweet, I am shocked to see how many people bring a knife to a date.

My ex-girlfriend had this weird fetish. Every day she would dress exactly like herself and act like a bitch all the fucking time.

2. Students will either have you bursting with happiness or worried sick at night

It’s a real fucking pity I feel I would be transgressing certain privacy boundaries if I would include pictures, because my students are the cream of the crop.

Today they made me burst with happiness. Yesterday they had me tossing and turning all night, but I don’t want to talk about that.

Today they had me bursting with happiness.

David from I D you have the most disarming, most infectious, most antidepressant smile I have ever seen. Too bad that my daughter will never be your age category, would be great if one day she came home with a guy like you.

David from IB, you do NOT talk too much and I’d love to play a board game with you some time soon.

Erika from IB, you have no idea how much I would like to take your hidden hurts away. You are NOT the worst person in history, but I know me saying so won’t change anything. I can relate.

Dano from II C, God damn it, you could be so great at English, but I understand football is your priority right now, and when I compare my salary with that of Lionel Messi, I can’t blame you.

Brano from I D, how do you do it? You are such a nice, fun-loving person.

Oliver, I C, a week without you is definitely worse than a week with you.

Babnik from I B, I love your sense of humor. You’re the first macho guy that doesn’t get on my nerves.

Viking, you deserve your nickname. Wear it with pride, you’ve earned it.

Marek, you’re God awful lazy, but I like your clothing style and you’re smart.

Dominik, I’m sad when you look sad. I think you have many cool qualities that are about to blossom full throttle. Carpe diem!

Beast, we have finally found a way to talk to each other.

Peter in II C, it’s amazing how much you have evolved in a very positive way in such a short time.

Lukaš in II C, man, you have no idea what kind of positive energy you bring to a class.

Damian, stop stressing!! It’s just an English class and you can do it! You are one of the most motivated students I have!

Nino, where were you today?

Andrew, I’m sure you wrote some terrific stuff today even though you really wanted to go home.

Peter, thanks for asking if I was fine. I feel unprofessional for letting my mood show through at times, but not many people notice or take the time to ask.

Jaro, let’s talk more.

Patrick, one day you will speak English like a native speaker. It’s Saint Patrick’s day today, you’re allowed to get a little drunk.

If I haven’t mentioned you it’s just because I can’t blog all night, you’ll be mentioned soon enough.

3. Yesterday I had dinner with an übersociable, philosophical, stylish Frenchman

He is 17 years all and he’s a connector. He connects people. I will call him Hermes from now on.

He even taught me something about myself:

I just rush through town and do not notice anything about Bratislava, because I’m marching at the double quick all the time. You could say we went and ‘flaner’ through town.

Amazing guy. He will be a diplomat one day. One of the best.

I wish I had been a little bit more like him at 17…

4. When I fell in love I lost my head, but not my eye-sight

I won’t add more to that right now.

5. I have a therapist who cuts right to the heart of the matter

She goes right for the jugular, you could say. She sees the essence and cuts to the chase. I like that about her.

She is also not afraid to consider her own actions and has no qualms about admitting she doesn’t know something. Signs of a very evolved human being.