In very random order:

1. Arrange my therapy business in such a way that I won’t run into any administrative trouble
2. Attend at least two more Gestalttherapy weekends
3. Attend the summer school for Slovak in Bratislava
4. Start Polish classes in September
5. Start studying for a bachelor degree in psychology AND a degree in Gestalttherapy
6. Read something like 30 books for my PHD on the south vs the south civil war within the north vs the south civil war
7. Fire an Enfield civil war rifle and/or a Springfield rifle
8 Lose something like 15 pounds of fat
9. Go running every morning
10. Write a daily blog post in dutch and english and not care if anybody ever reads it
11. Get three to five new friends, preferably non-Belgian ones
12. Make something like 4,000 euro a month and invest almost half of it in more training, education, workshops, etc.
13. finish a sketch movie called ‘kladderadash’
14. Build quite a bit of extra muscle
15. Change my wardrobe, so I can finally start looking like an adult
16. Read something like 5 excellent novels (yes, yes, 5 isn’t a lot, but I’m a slow reader, especially when it comes to fiction)
17. Become somehow active in the Flemish liberal party, perhaps as the very, very, very local version of Ron Paul
18. Finish several manuscripts and make a serious effort to get them published
19. Save money to travel to the US in 2016
20. Invest in some stocks
21. Stop wearing glasses and switch back to lenses
22. Perfect my Slovak by surrounding myself with Slovaks
23. Organize a new play
24. Start vlogging! I want to start a vlog series called ‘my year of self improvement’ where I keep track of how I try to improve myself, the ups and downs of a self improvement enthusiast
25. Do even more volunteer work than I did this year, in short: give back to my community the best way I can
26. Treat my wife to several interesting city trips (yes, it’s her in the picture)