So, I got this advice from one Julia Cameron. Author of the Artist’s Way.

She’s convinced that creativity and spirituality are inevitably linked. She’s a Pisces, so astrologically speaking, it makes perfect sense that she would come up with this. She even looks like a Flemish author Diane Broeckhoven, also Pisces. But ok, let’s not take this astrology trivia even further.

Morning papers, Julia Cameron calls it. Every morning she forces herself to write a few pages about just about anything to unlock her creativity for the rest of the day and set priorities for that day.

My latest obession are self-help books, especially in audiobook form. So whatever I’m doing there is always an audiobook playing in the background. One of those advised me to set priorities for the next day right before you go to sleep. Six priorities to be exact.

Mine are:

  1. go running
  2. do regular emailing (read: propaganda for
  3. morning papers
  4. pack to go to Germany
  5. bring books back to library (get some of the most recent short story collections)
  6. wash my hair (laugh all you want)

Not necessarily in that order, because the first thing I’m doing today are these morning papers. I’m listening to some buddhist teachings as I write this. One audiobook leads to the other, so while I’m listening to this one, I’m already downloading 5 others.

Vuze downloads and the site will provide absolutely anything you are looking for, with very few exceptions.

Re-reading those priorities, I must note: I seemed to be lacking a sense of urgency yesterday if these are my priorities.

The most exciting part of today are the changes being made by Dieter Walckiers, who is adding some sections to our website. Can’t wait to see them. We came up with some extentions we are excited about.

My six priorities for tomorrow:

1 Come up with ten new scenarios for (english version: click on the english flag if you don’t understand Dutch)

2 go to Bayreuth, Germany

3 read non-stop during 8-hour train ride (probably the third book in the series a song of fire and ice)

4 somehow do these morning papers again

5 eat healthily for a change

6 figure out what good priorities are

One of these days: read the book ‘starting a succesful blog business’ (downloaded and ready to go), take yet an other good look at james’ Altucher’s blog, which I think is excellent:

He advocates that the most important ingredient of an interesting blog is authenticity. Not sure what that even means, but I’ll try to throw in a pinch or six.