Yesterday -the 14th of December, which still feels like today as I write this as I haven’t slept a wink- I came up with 14 scenarios for Don’t know if they’re any good, I like them, and my sweet mum laughed hearthily, but the only way to know for sure is when, Dieter Walckiers, my artistic partner, approves them.

Have been up all night, reading summaries of classic self-help books and listening to comedy shows by the brilliantly entertaining George Carlier (wikipedia: or )

I’m writing this a on what is probably one of the most modern trains outside of the islands of Japan. Off to Germany I am. To visit my Slovak girlfriend, Zuzana Pistova, more affectionately known as Czarina. No further details as it is not bon ton to thrown in relationship details to fill a blogpost.

Yesterday I spent most of the day emailing newspapers and magazines about We are an artistic bureau at night and a propaganda office during the day, it seems.

5 absolutely free tips about how to go and do what you really want to be doing:

  1. STOP SEEKING APPROVAL, immediately, stop it, NOW, seeking approval is like a bird seeking a golden cage. Don’t seek approval from anyone. It’s a trap.
  2. If this was your last day, would you want to be spending it the way you are now? If not, make sure you’re doing something else by the end of next week. Hear that torrent of excuses not to be doing something else next week and totally ignore them. If you don’t ignore them now, they will always come back. No time is the right time, so every time is right enough.
  3. Feel and act as if you were already doing what you wanted to do and had the things you want. Everything is in different places at the same time. It’s just your culturally distorted mind that upsets your idea of reality. You already have everything you want. Just open your eyes to it. It’s a leap of faith, but it’s well worth it. Remember the scene in Peter Pan where they start throwing imaginary food? It’s really very much like that.
  4. Find some people who are already doing what it is you want to be doing. Copy them. Then improve and personalize their approaches. If these people are truly succesful at what they are doing they will be more than willing to teach you. Truly succesful people love to pass on what they’ve learned. It’s part of their succesful attitude.
  5. If pretty much everyone around you is saying you’re crazy and convinced you are going to fail, then you are on the right track. Soon some more interesting people will come along to encourage you. Keep going. You’re almost there. No, you’re already there, just wake up to it.