– some of my favorite shows have been shut down as the result of censorship against anything that comes out of Russia. Redacted Tonight hosted by the likeable Lee Camp could – for 8 years – say anything it wanted about politics ON TELEVISION over at RT. This is insane. The US shuts down television shows simply because they are affiliated with Russia. Lee Camp has repeatedly said that in the 8 years he presented the show he wrote all his material himself and was never once censored. Here is the insight: The US censors its media just as much as Russia does within Russia. I am convinced RT was and is more honest than CNN and allows more different perspectives than CNN. This is so… wild. The way the US has managed to convince its a force for good while bombing and conniving other countries to shit is just… the most brilliant PR stunt EEEeeeveeeeer. 

– we’re supposed to be afraid that Russia will conquer half of Europe after its operation in Ukraine, but at the same time the Russians are bogged down in Ukraine. So should we afraid? Or relieved? 

– The eagerness with which the US wants to help Ukraine (a country it doesn’t even share a border with) should at least be suspect, since while it’s criticizing Russia for stealing land it actively supports Israel in their bid to steal land from Palestine and Syria. Does nobody see the smelly putrid fishiness of the US’s position on this matter? 

– on a personal note: I have stopped doing ‘good things’ expecting gratitude from people. Most folks treat me fairly, but some folks have ab-so-lu-te-ly no idea of and no appreciaton for everyhing I try to do for them. So I do ‘good things’ for the feeling of having done good things, whether I get gratitude or not. And when I do get gratitude it just tastes better, cause I no longer expect it 

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