This is a reaction we got on one of our articles on Slovak guys. We’ve left it unedited.

‘In Slovakia you could hardly ever live in a fairytale! Your man won’t sweat a little to make you a surprise, if he feels he has to buy you flowers he will spend the smallest amount of money possible and pick a flower in the closest flower shop that there is. Not once he gets you your favourite ones. Most of the time he is happy when you take care of everything because he is way too comfortable to take care of anything, he tries to look sweet and nice, because he knows guys who are sweet and nice get more credit amongst older generations. And after all you feel like you are wasting your free time with him, because there’s nothing he likes doing a lot. And then you get angry because you want to live fully your day every day, you want to make a progress in whatever field you choose. You think to yourself this is still better I could ever hope for, you just need to accept you are the one to take care of everything, you will not have any romance in your life, no romantic surprises, everything will be as you know it will be. But some evenings you get very sad about it and end up wondering, could it be any different, what if there is someone with whom I would feel different, what if those tales are not fairytales? And in case you complain about something you are called golddigger. And only thing you want is to get something what shows the guy really knows you and really spent some time searching for it

I especially like the part about playing the nice guy to score credit with older people. She’s basically complaining that her guy isn’t authentic.

What I notice around here is that lots of guys seem to stick to a very narrow pattern about what it means to be a guy. There’s little spontaneity and they don’t try to really get to know a woman.

One of my students, a stunning 36 year old, says her husband always gets her practical gifts, like mixers or a washing machine. She would prefer flowers or a book.

The sad thing is that it’s really not rocket science to give a woman an unforgettable day… So you would have to conclude that they simply don’t care enough…