You’re in for a surprise here.

We are noticing a substantial number of traffic on this site from people who google the question:

‘Why do Slovak women love talking?’

The answer is:

Because they are women.

Perhaps it’s time to disclose an other secret:

Slovak women are not radically different from other women anywhere on the face of this earth. The only reason so many people talk about the characteristics of Slovak women is because so many of them look good. Something we should stop repeating, because they are starting to think they don’t have to bring anything else to the table than their looks.

Women are just as hard to get in your bed if you are your low social value Joe as anywhere else. They love talking. They get endorphines from wearing nice clothes. They are fairly nurturing and caring. They will cheat on their husbands if an irresistible option comes along and will take the secret to their grave, forever playing the perfect wife. They care very little about the state of the world as long as their direct environment and loved ones are ok. And they will all claim to be holier than thou. Women think of themselves that they are the holy exception and that only some other women are bitches, not seeing all the different situations in which they themselves were bitchy.

In defense of women: they are rarely the ones to go to war, but in lots of wars they eagerly pushed their menfolk to the battlefield. Until things got tough on the home front of course. And yes, they love talking. It’s hard to tell the truth about women, because we all have a mother and our mother is always the best in the world, so how could women be bad? My mom is for sure the best persoj in the world, but that doesn’t make me blind to how women are. I don’t thin women are worse than men. I just think they are shitty in different ways than men are shitty, and at least you can be real friends with a lot of guys.

After having observed Slovak women for several years, I would say that the real differences are:

  • They manage to be more elegant than most women
  • They tend to be slender, even after giving birth
  • They are a bit more openly baby obsessed than women in western nations
  • They are usually very kind, but that doesn’t make them easy or fun to be around
  • They are champions at being friendly while at the same time also being very distant and formal
  • They are nice to look at, because they are so feminine in their behavior, gestures, movements, tone of voice and attitude, but I swear Flemish, English, Croatian, all of Latin America, Vietnamese and so on are A LOT MORE FUN to hang out with in every possible way. Slovak women are generally nice to look at and make devoted mothers and wives, but they are pretty boring otherwise, I suppose that sums them up best: charmingly boring.