801) What are WMD’s?

802) Why are almost no sex offenders expelled from US colleges? A. The colleges protect their brand and reputation B. There are almost no rapes at US colleges C. The victims almost never report the assaults

803) What kind of literature does the Slovak publishing house Absynt specialize in?

804) How many women are sexually assaulted at US colleges? A. 5 percent B. 11 percent C. 16 percent D 24 percent

805) What is not a book by John Irving? A. The cider house rules B. I am Charlotte Simmons C. A prayer for Owen Manning

806) What is styllistically special about the novel Bright lights, big city by Jay Mcinery? A. It does not contain any verb B. All sentences start with the letter A C. The entire book is written in the you form

807) What or who are ‘spetsnaz’?

808) What is ‘sambo’?

809) In which country did the battle of Ramadi take place?

810) Who wrote the book ‘the seven habits of highly effective people’?


Weapons of mass destruction

Those colleges want to protect their reputation and the perpretators are often athletes and very valuable to their colleges…. (see the docu ‘The Hunting Ground’)

Non-fiction, mostly books written by journalists, so literary reportage

It’s said to be 16 percent, but sometimes you can find even higher figures

I am Charlotte Simmons was written by Tom Wolfe

The entire book is written in the you form

A term that denotes several kinds of Russian elite forces, and the elite forces of some other countries as well

A Russian martial art


Stephen Covey


Who is the lady in the picture?