It was a narrow win, but a win nonetheless. Biden’s credibility was severely shaken. Biden tried to paint himself as the one worth trusting and Trump as the pathological liar. Sorry, Biden is ALSO a pathological liar. He’s admitted lying about many things. In the past he’s claimed that he had full scholarship in college, that he performed really well academically and that he got three degrees. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. He did not have a full scholarship, he finished near the bottom of his class and he got only one degree, not three. When confronted about this he claimed his memory had failed him. Yeah, it happens to the best of us. All of a sudden we think we have three college degrees instead of just the one. If you lie about basic stuff like that then you lie about everything. In fact, Biden is helpful in this regard. Whenever he says ‘come on’ or ‘folks’ or ‘here’s the deal’ he is definitely lying.

Biden did not manage to present himself as the trustworthy strong man. Trump successfully painted him as a braggart who’s been in politics for over four decades and has consistently stood for the opposite of what he is claiming to stand for today.

Biden may claim he would have handled the corona crisis better, but anyone can make such a claim. There is absolutely no reason to think Biden would have done any better. He’s never managed a major crisis.

Biden likes to point out that Trump has no plan for anything and that he has a much better plan, but is then tellingly silent about any details pertaining to those magnificent plans.

Biden tried to present himself as a man of the people, but Trump quickly undermined that tactic by pointing out how rich Biden is.

Obama and Biden and Nancy Pelosi are rich and live exceptionally comfortable lives because they are in bed with large corporations. It’s the only real reason why universal healthcare is not possible in the US.

When it comes to race both of them have a pretty bad record, but that won’t matter much. The black vote will go to Biden. That is the votes of the small portion of black Americans that still wants to show up to vote. Obama’s failure to make good on his promises has disenchanted many young black Americans.

Kristen Welker did a good job moderating this event. It’s hardly a debate, because you have two candidates who actually agree on many things. The differences between these two guys are actually marginal, but to Americans small differences seem gigantic. That’s because political discourse in America has a very, very tiny playing field. Only very few opinions make it in. This was more like a fight where two guys with fairly similar views try to paint the other as the most incompetent of the two.

Kristen Welker was of course not going to broaden the scope of the debate and dig deeper, no, her job was to keep these two barking dogs on a tight leash and she pulled it off. Partly because Trump decided to surprise by staying calm. He even looked dignified at times. Biden’s uncomfortable disaproving chuckles when Trump said something he didn’t agree with made him look a little silly.

The main thing is that Biden failed to present himself as America’s last bulwark against the orange insanity.

Both seemed to agree that America has a lot of shitty issues. And both tried to blame the other guy for those.

Trump won, but didn’t land a knock-out blow. Biden just had to show up and not lose too badly.

So let’s call it a tactical win for Trump and a small strategic victory for Biden. Biden lost, but it won’t matter.

We will have to wait and see just how strong Trump’s support is. The mainstream media are promoting Biden as much as they can so you can trust their optimistic suggestions that Biden will win. Lots of people in the US are not represented in the mainstream media. The people who work for the mainstream media live in a bubble of wishful thinking. They managed to destroy Bernie, and now they are trying to destroy Trump and prop up Biden.

You can’t trust any prediction. It might Trump and it might be Biden who comes out on top.

Will it matter much?

Not really.

Trump gives you the US oligarchy without varnish.

And Biden will give you the US oligarchy with a lick of varnish here and there.