I am sort of looking forward to it, because I know it’s only for a week. It will be too short to get angry over:

  • seeing the same 15 local celebrities popping up on tv, magazine covers, newspapers and in condescending opinion pieces
  • the right wing take-over and the infantile amateurism of the left
  • how the country is more and more being split in two, destroying our linguistic richess
  • the God awful weather
  • the people who eat and drink morbidly, consume television, complain about everything, and just indulge in the most basic hedonism. I fucking hate Belgium when I think of some of the spiritually dead people there
  • the pervasive political correctness and how everyone is lecturing everybody on how to live, whereas the most active lecturers are from from happy and uptight over everything, so why the hell do they think anyone should ever listen to them?
  • How spoilt people are
  • How solidarity between people has imploded and how individualism is on the rise

God, I get so negative when I think about Belgium.

It’s the country where I experienced the seven leanest years of my life, the country where three close family members commited suicide, where you have to fight to get a chance, because everything works with connections. When I think about Belgium I find it hard to remember the good times. The good times were there too. And Belgium has given me a sort of ok education. I had to learn the most important stuff on my own, but when it comes to languages growing up in Belgium gave me a headstart that is hard to imagine anywhere else in the world. So thanks for that. It’s one of the reasons why I can make so much money here in Slovakia.

Leaving Slovakia, even for a week, seems silly. Because:

  • The women I meet here are so much nicer to talk to, so much more inspiring
  • I really enjoy my job
  • Everything is so different here
  • Most people you meet are so much friendlier (except at the post office…)
  • I feel much more appreciated here
  • The popularity of the Church here still creeps me out, but at the same time it’s fascinating to meet people who struggle with moral and religious dilemmas. In Belgium the only religion left is a form of articifial mediatized political correctness and an oddball mix of esoteric beliefs or even worse, the religion of Flemish people seems to be to maximize productivity and pleasure. For no other reason than that they have been brainwashed by capitalist propaganda, the sad thing is that the people on the left do exactly the same thing. Am the same, by the way, I’m just the same. So it creeps me out and also fascinates me to meet Slovaks who worship something else than every day pleasure and personal achievement. I suppose they remind me of what I really am…
  • I’ve started appreciating Slovak rock and the Slovak language more. English has always been my favorite language, along with Latin, even though I studied Slavic languages, but I’ve come to appreciate Slavic languages more. I especially like that Slovak words sound like their meaning. This is not true for standardized Dutch, which is a castrated language that weakens the soul if you speak it. When I hear some of my friends speak official standardized Dutch it makes me want to vomit, it’s so fake, so unnatural, so devoid of real emotion.
  • You can smell opportunity in the air here. While I feel like am suffoccating in Belgium, here in Slovakia I feel fresh air in my lungs
  • Belgium has some very interesting cities, and you can go on many romantic trips there. But to live there permanently? Never again. It’s just nice to have a house there as a base, to go to England, the Netherlands, France, Germany…
  • I do miss some Belgian food

So on the whole am happy to go.

Most of all I would like to take my favorite Slovak people with me and give them a tour of my home country.

For dessert. Two songs. One Slovak one that I find cute. And one Belgian one, in English.