I had a long talk yesterday with a gorgeous 40-year young Slovak lady.

She thought that there was a big difference between the younger ones and the older ones.

She assumed that younger Slovak women would be more relaxed, let’s say, about social conventions, concepts like monogamy, etc.

That’s possible, but that’s not my experience.

I haven’t found any major differences between Slovak women who are between 18 and 25 and those that are older. This article is not the result of some scientific survey, but is based on my own personal observations, what foreigners have told me over the years and what Slovak friends have told me.

Here are some points, in random order, for you to agree or disagree with:

  • The younger ones sometimes have a darker sense of humor and risk making bolder jokes, but maybe that’s just a characteristic of youth anywhere
  • They are all quite traditional
  • They are all fairly shy at first, but quickly open up if they see you’re a decent, intelligent guy who wants to listen to what they have to say
  • They’re all starving for really intimate conversation
  • They’re all sweet
  • They’re all modest
  • Almost all of them want to learn and are actually starving for useful knowledge
  • They are all quite formal and stay quite formal even when relaxed
  • This is not a country where people easily let their guard down and this counts for the younger and older generation
  • If you are truly interested in what goes on in their head, what they feel, what they experience they will eventually share things they don’t share with anyone else
  • Maybe the older ones are slightly more accepting of gray zones in life, like they will more easily accept you for who you are, but also the younger ones are willing to listen to your story and try not to put you too quickly in a box
  • Both younger and older Slovak women are far more interesting to talk to than Slovak men of any age. They are interested in more topics, are funnier, like to laugh more, ask more personal questions, are more affectionate, more easily surprise you with gifts, pay more attention in a class sentence, are more concerned about your comfort, smile more.
  • They don’t touch so easily, most of them are quite reserved. It’s a weird mix of on the one hand becoming very intimate, but at the same time there’s only this reserved attitude. They all wait for the guy to make the first move and unfortunately they really expect you to make a very assertive pass on them before anything physical can happen.
  • It’s a myth that Slovak women don’t take initiative. When they like you they have no problem asking you out, asking to go and drink wine with them, when they like you they easily start talking out loud of how your relationship would function, even before you kiss or even so much as hold hands, she will start arranging things, these are very, very practical, hard-working women who like to take charge of a household. They are not dictators, they just like to get things done. If a Slovak woman isn’t moving fast with you, then she’s simply not interested. It’s fast or nothing.

There are really no big differences between the 40 somethings, 30 somethings and 20 somethings. The better I get to know them the more I come to appreciate them. Although I sometimes miss being literally jumped by Belgian women, it’s also true that Slovak woman, while more reserved, are simply kinder and more reliable than Belgian women.