PEP: We are seeing more and more scandals involving pedophilia surfacing even in the mainstream media. You are not surprised by this. You’ve reminded us time and time again that the violent abuse of children is a favorite ‘hobby’ of the elite. Why is that?

Parallel Heimat: First of all it’s an indispensible control mechanism. Imagine you penetrate the highest echelons of power. To keep you in line once you are there they push you to get involved in the most depraved acts. Later, if you’d get it into your head to become recalcitrant, if you’d refuse to do the bidding of the elite, they can easily blackmail you. Hey, wait a minute, we’ve got this stash of videos lying around where you are doing this and this to a six year old. Want to go through with it? It’s a common and devious way of making sure a group closes ranks. After your initiation the only place where you are safe is in the group. If you’re shunned, you lose everything.

Second of all, and this is the hardest pill to stomach for most people, is that the elite is convinced that the torture of others, especially innocent beings like children, somehow gives them more power, it infuses them with fresh energy. I’m not talking about vampires, but I am talking about emotional vampires. These people genuinely believe that the suffering of others creates a frequency of mental energy that they can feed on. I know this sounds crazy, but if you start to see just how many high placed officials are connected to this in countries all over the world, plus the descriptions of survivors, it becomes clear that this abuse is not random abuse for perverse, sadist pleasure. Although this basic pleasure derived from torturing and humiliating others is also part of it, it’s not the main drive. I’m talking about ministers, people connected to the British Royal family, billionaires, the Clintons, heads of intelligence agencies and the Catholic Church of course.

The third reason is that I’m convinced, along with many others, that some of these children are used as sacrificial lambs in religious ceremonies. They are butchered and offered to the Gods of the insiders. This sounds like taken straight from some horror movie, but many people have come forward to testify about such practices. I’m not saying every single one of these testimonies is factual, but a significant portion undoubtedly is. You can find interviews online with people who are obviously not lying, who have gone through excruciating abuse. These people deserve to be listened to and not ridiculed. When serious investigation is undertaken, like recently in Pennsylvania, where it’s now become clear an insane number of priests were given a free pass after molesting a large group of children, undeniable facts surface.

By the way, human sacrifices have been a part of humanity’s history for centuries and centuries. We often imagine that our current times are the apex of progress. Surely none of those barbaric rites could have continued to this day! Well, they do. We all have a deep need in our collective consciousness for rituals. It makes sense that the elite uses powerful rituals to strenghten their unity, reaffirm their mental attitude to lord over us and to feel like Gods deciding over who lives and who dies. On an intuitive level we all know how too much power corrupts a person. It’s in our most succesful stories, although fictional they are a great mirror. A movie like Eyes Wide Shut is so haunting because it hints at something we can suspect. That the rich and powerful have underground parties where deviant things happen, to put it mildly. Except that the reality is infinitely worse than the still fairly tame events portrayed in Eyes Wide Shut. I’m sure you’ll ask me about more concrete examples, names, dates, victims, etc, in the next episode, but I first wanted to sketch the background of these events. When I start listing the people involved, named and linked to pedophilia, even in mainstream media outlets, it becomes nauseating. The scope of this is mind-boggling.

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After years of gloom and depression, experiencing life as a prison for the downtrodden something snapped in this wonderful soul. He became interested in spirituality, the occult, the power elite and how we are being entertained with with simple pleasures and ever increasing wants and needs, the mechanisms behind our current hedonist, yet unhappy consumer society, calm contentment, acceptance and love for humanity.

Gradually he’s discovered horrific facts concerning the present state of affairs, but instead of sinking away in bitter dejection, he’s chosen to -basically- spread positivity through his music, his message, his being. In this section he will regularly share some of his experiences, usually through a one question, one answer format. Most of it will be a wee bit controversial and not everything reflects the views of the PEP staff.

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