In the picture above you see young Palestinian men form a human chain to try and protect a Palestinian woman against sniper fire from their Israeli oppressors.

The Tweet has been deleted, but the account @btselem took a screenshot.

This is one of the reasons why we find it very hard to be objective about what’s happening in Palestine.

On CNN they say the Palestinians were killed during a ‘confrontation’, that sounds like a clash between two even parties, but the reality is that one of the most modern armies on the planet (thank you, USA taxpayers…) is DAILY using Palestinians for target practice…

Israeli snipers are trained to hit you in the femoral artery. If hit you either bleed to death or you are paralyzed. You’re very likely to die. I got this information from a physician in Hebron, when I was there in 2009.

If the Palestinian do not protests, the mainstream media is silent about what happens there. The colonists steal more Palestinian lands, kill a couple of Palestinians almost daily, destroy houses, destroy olive trees, steal Palestinian water (very important in the region) and invent all sorts of rules to harass Palestinians. Their strategy is to systematically make Palestine unliveable for Palestinians. If you go and stay with Palestinians for a couple of weeks you can immediately see what’s happening there. Sound bombs go off, teenagers are arrested at night, Palestinians randomly lose their work permits, roads are restricted, from time to time a completely innocent person is blown away by a sniper, a house is bulldozered, kids are terrorized, etc.

It takes hero courage to peacefully protest against Israel…

Ow, by the way: