No, I haven’t just arrived home from ayahuasca. Really not. Some time this year or next year maybe.

It’s just that… something forced me to take stock of my life and I am reprioritizing. I don’t know what I was about in one word. It wasn’t authenticity, although there was a lot of that. I think my actions and emotions so far in my life had a lot to do with extremely low self-worth. Also anger and frustration cause I cannot fix the wrongs of this world.

These past few days something cracked and my focus is shifting to just making things nice for the people I love.

I almost feel shame for talking so openly about my intention to love more, but I shouldn’t feel shame at all. I should just allow myself to be the way I am. And am a pretty loving, caring guy I have discovered. Especially after i leave a bit of my ego a


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