The most interesting conversation I have every week is with a guy from Austria. I pay him to help me improve my German. He happens to be a very knowledgeable, very philosophical guy. Well-read, funny, open and exceptionally keen to learn new things.

If I were to stop paying him I will never see or hear him again, so am completely fine with paying him for his services. I mean, if I want to see one of my ‘friends’ I have to bug them to meet up six months in advance, and even then it’s not always as interesting to talk to them and to this guy.

Hey, am getting more bang for my buck paying for German lessons than I got for most therapy sessions I paid for (and they cost way more than these German lessons)

My other stimulating conversations I have with some of my students.

So really, virtually the only great conversations I have are in the setting of money transfers.

I have made my peace with this. It’s odd. It’s kinda sick, but I see it as a symptom of the times I live in.

I can’t buy me love, but apparently I can buy myself inspiring conversations.