Ok, so my life is at level 5 percent of how I would actually like it, but here is what I am looking forward to:

– two of my students have told me they like to read about the Second World War so am looking forward to surprising them by lending them some of my books on the subject

– the exercises I have prepared today are personalized. The exercise concerns the present tense and past tense in Dutch, but all the examples are based on what my students have said in class. This way – I hope – they build an emotionally charged relationship to Dutch, because it’s about them

– My son will always make this list. I have already been playing with him all through the morning

– audiobooks

Yes, that’s it. Like I said am living 5 percent of my desired life.

Sometimes I think that’s about 4 percent more than most folks I meet, but then I do have mild narcissistic tendencies.