The most gut wrenching, but at the same time most inspiring aspect of this series is to be found in the testimonies of the victims.

Jeffrey Epstein managed to build a pyramid scheme for rape. He would rape his victims and then offer those same girls money to bring in friends. Those were then also raped. And so on.

In their testimonies it becomes apparent how meeting Jeffrey Epstein ruined their lives. Luckily they did move on with their lives. Several of them have gone on to be very succesful in life in spite of what was done to them.

It’s also a story of how much you can get away with if you’re rich and powerful.

The docu shows a plethora of disturbing events, but perhaps the most shocking is that Jeffrey Epstein is far from the only culprit here. Prince Andrew and other friends of Epstein also raped women. Rape is bad enough, but these women had not fully matured so they were even less equipped to handle the aftermath of such traumatic events or to defend themselves.

Epstein specialized in preying on girls who had been victimized before. Girls who had been marginalized and already felt powerless.

The series also shows people who believed the girls and gave them back their dignity.

Although many questions remain unanswered and a lot of criminals connected to Epstein have so far escaped justice the docu does show how many people are committed to stop these acts from happening again.

It’s also a relief to see that the makers of this docu did not simply repeat that Epstein committed suicide. They show an expert pathologist who says the damage to Epstein’s anatomy is virtually impossible with Epstein’s apparent suicide method.

The series focuses on Epstein’s sexual disconduct, but it does briefly touch upon the fraudulent ways Epstein amassed his wealth. He cheated from the very first day of his career when he lied himself into a teaching job at a prestigeous school which he used as leverage to land a job on Wall Street.

For decent working folks who struggle to get by it’s outright insulting that charismatic liars with a sharp mind can get away with so much.


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