The de facto 51st US state, Israel, which enjoys all the benefits of being part of the US without any of the obligations, has bombed Gaza with US-made, US-funded jets.

The bombardment came after the Israeli regime claimed the territory it controls was hit with ‘mortars’ or slingshots and marbles wielded by Palestinians.

Unfortunately cannot believe anything the Israeli regime says. The Israeli regime is now even trying to ban filming the actions of Israeli mercenaries, but suppose Palestinians did attack US territory, I mean, Israel, with some kind of weapons.

Military resistance on the part of Palestinians is completely legitimate, but it is also utterly, mind-bogglingly stupid.

Let us look at this situation from a purely strategic point of view:

  • Palestinians do not have an army, no air force, no artillery, no navy, no nothing. Their ‘rockets’ are more like fireworks than any sort of effective weapon. So the idea that Palestinians can accomplish anything militarily is ludicrous.
  • Palestinians have every right to defend themselves militarily against the Israeli occupiers, BUT at this point it is just stupid and counter-productive to do so
  • The Israeli regime fears nothing more than peaceful Palestinian protests
  • Palestinians should realize how their actions can be shown on television. Even the burning of tires looks aggressive in the eyes of those that support the Israeli regime
  • Palestinians have only one chance to get at least some stolen territory back and that is to protest strictly peacefully. They have absolutely no chance to defeat the United States (it is not just being oppressed by Israel, it has the entire United States against)
  • The handful of Palestinians who are still trying to resist militarily are creating a PR nightmare for Palestine with absolutely nothing to gain. They just help Israel
  • Really, whenever Palestinians use any kind of weapons, no matter how ineffective those weapons are, the Israeli regime uncorks some champagne bottles
  • Let us face it, Palestine is right, Palestine is being oppressed, the rights of Palestinians are violated every day to a horrendous extent, but it does not have smart leadership… In part because the Israeli regime has been very succesful in killing  and locking up the most talented Palestinian commanders

Bottom line: Palestinians have the RIGHT to resist militarily, but at this point is it a grieveous STRATEGIC MISTAKE to attempt to do so