“In a historic landslide victory, Ireland has voted to effectively legalize abortion, removing a clause in the constitution that had been described by the UN as a violation of women’s human rights.

The Irish electorate voted 1,429,981 to 723,632 in favor of repealing the Eighth Amendment of the country’s constitution.

Saturday’s result removes the equal right to life of the unborn and mother from the constitution. The conservative 1983 law had effectively banned all abortions, leading to thousands of Irish women travelling abroad to countries such as the UK to undergo the procedure.”

Source: RT

In the picture you can see some of the many Irish women who flew back to Ireland to vote on this issue. That’s how much they care.

Women have the right to decide whether they want a pregnancy or not.

Those against abortion tend to care more about the unborn than about the living. Some people scream hell and damnation about abortion, but don’t give a shit about the homeless, poverty, bombing foreign countries, racism, economic injustices, etc.

Funny people… As soon as the baby is born, it loses every right in their eyes, but as long as it isn’t born it absolutely has to born.

Abortion = not murder.

Trickle down economics, neoliberalism, imperialism, neocolonialism, buying new T-shirts for 3 euro, polluting the oceans with plastic, lead in the water supply like in Flint, Michigan = murder.