I think it is easier to answer this question by rephrasing it a bit:

Are there any countries that do not do democracy better than the United States?

It has the largest prison population in history, with inmates mostly of color, who automatically lose their voting rights, which is not common in many other countries. In my native country inmates can vote while serving time. In fact, we are still legally required to vote, although nobody gets a fine anymore if they do not vote.

You have only two political parties that get media attention, which makes it almost impossible for other parties to grow.

These two parties are:

• Pro Rich light (Democrats)

• Pro Rich hard (Republicans)

Some argue that the differences between these two parties are small that you can safely consider them to be one party, the Demopublicans.

A highly intelligent person, by the name of Noam Chomsky, regularly reminds everyone that the political debate in the US is very limited in scope. The issues that are routinely discussed are not very numerous. There are some fights about abortion, LGBT rights, but the bloated military budget is never really questioned, support for Israel is like a national reflex, the economic system is never questioned at all, the only debate concerning the economy in the US is: how much are we going to favor the rich? A lot or a hell of a lot?

The average American has almost zero decision power over anything happening in his city. You can vote, yes, and you can protest, but ultimately the superrich control everything.

Wealthy folks like the Koch brothers and other donors decide who the candidates will be in the presidential election. There is no novelty, no creativity, Trump or Hillary Clinton, it is the same programme, but with a difference in style.

Obama is radically different in the way he behaves, but were his policies that different? There was very little of the change he promised… But yes, in Europe he is loved for his body language, his charisma, his smooth speeches, not for his actual policies, because nobody can even name any of his policies in Europe, it is enough that he sounds cool.

Recommended Reading, any book by:

William Blum, Peter Joseph, Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Jimmy Dore, Chris Hedges, John Perkins.

Highly recommended viewing material:

Inside job narrated by Matt Damon

A culture in decline by Peter Joseph

Four horsemen, a fantastic documentary

All videos by Abby Martin, such as her wonderful series The Empire Files.

The show Redacted Tonight by Lee Camp.

The show On contact by Chris Hedges.

I love Americans, but they live in an Oligarchy, not a Democracy.