I swear I will never go back to coffee again.

It’s a drug. It makes you dependent.

Am of course not advocating banning coffee and making it illegal. Am saying I will never consume it again.

After six weeks without coffee I am much more productive, my focus is way better and I almost don’t crave sugar. I also finally wake up early again and feel rested.

Drinking coffee was one of my most destructive habits.

I also noticed I started trying to get the caffeine from green tea. As soon as I noticed I was drinking liters of green tea I cut that out too.

Added benefit: I save money!

I can’t wait to be caffeine free for three months, because I am convinced I am still dealing with the aftereffects of my two decades of caffeine abuse in the past.

Oh and those studies that claim coffee drinkers live longer?

That’s not because of the coffee. Those people are just healthier and more robust and can handle the coffee intake a lot better.

Here is a bold statement:

You cannot be fully you on caffeine. It tricks you into thinking you feel more energized and have better focus, but this is an illusion.

Do yourself a huge favor and quit caffeine entirely.

It can be hell at first, but it’s worth it.