Dr. Jeff Hoeyberghs held a lecture at the University of Ghent, Belgium in December 2019. Right now he risks being fined 8,000 euro and he risks up to one year of jail time. He’s being charged with spreading hatred and sexism. Many Belgians were outraged and even members of Parliaments have filed complaints against him.

Here are some of the things he said:

  • Treating women like your equal cannot be done without becoming their slave
  • Women want it all today. They want the privileges males can provide, but they ‘no longer want to open their legs’
  • Women are lazy
  • We have given women washing machines and that has made women redundant
  • Women can’t be scientists because they are too emotional
  • Hitler was a socialist, even a green one!
  • He expresses his sympathies for Sharia law
  • he suggests women’s job is to give men a back massage with their vagina
  • he prefers muslim women because they still take care of men
  • he denies climate change
  • he says Greta Thunberg is what you get when a mum drinks alcohol during pregnancy
  • You can’t learn anything in school (hey, this may be his only point hard to argue with)
  • He minimalizes climate change and in no uncertain terms suggests that those affected are lazy if they can’t simply move a bit
  • I have never met a rich economist
  • The best women lost their virginity at 14
  • If you don’t have a ‘bitch’ at home your home will not be dirty. Women make your home dirty
  • THE biggest problem society faces is absent fathers
  • THE most decisive factor in selecting a partner, whether you are male or female, is that partner’s relationship to his or her father. Only when they had a great relationship with their father growing up will they make a great partner
  • Children of single mums are basically trash and fill addiction centres, jails and the unemployment statistics
  • The only one becoming rich via the London school economics is the London school of economics itself
  • The taxes you pay for healthcare are for 50 percent spent on people in the last six months of their lives and there is no benefit to this…
  • Possibly an interesting point: he says we need nursing homes for the elderly now, because children inherit an equal share of their parents’s property. In the past everything went to the child that took his parents in. Now there is no incentive for a child to do this, because if he or she takes cares of an aging parent his or her siblings will inherit the same share
  • He criticizes fat people for deciding to undermine their health. This is bizarre coming from him, since he sports a gigantic protruding beer belly…

He spews all this with a stunning arrogance. For those not familiar with the man the whole performance may come across as satire from a stand up comedian.

He is of course a plastic surgeon and has very little talent to be a stand up comedian. His delivery is off and his material is nothing but an attempt at shock and awe.

His criticism aimed at education is unfortunately not entirely baseless. What we learn in schools has a very limited usage once outside these schools.

Are women refusing to open their legs? There are many reasons why women decide to have sex or not. Female sexuality is very complex. Some of the commenters have said this is just a fact: women use sex as currency to get protection. From an antropological standpoint this is probably true. However, it’s also true that the most wealthy women also continue to have active sex lives.

Could it be that Jeff is just saying women are unwilling to have sex with him? Are they not opening their legs for him? All this bile he is spurting does seem to come from a place of deep sexual frustration.

Should the man be jailed for this?

Please no…

Let him have his free speech.

Although some of what he said was mildly interesting, this man should be ridiculed, criticized and most of all: ignored.

That’s the worst punishment for this attention seeker.

I suppose his worst crime is not exactly his message, but more his style. He could have made his remarks a lot more palatable with enough nuance and a more polite word choice.

This is otherwise nothing you can’t hear in most bars all over the world.

It may shock overly sensitive Belgium, but he says absolutely nothing new.

Esther Villar – who he may have been borrowing some of this from – was decades ahead of him.

She delivered the same message with a lot more eloquence and more evidence. Coming from a heterosexual woman it’s also harder to think that her views arose out of sexual frustration.

You can watch some of his statements here. His English accent is horrible. His Dutch is a mixture of standardized Dutch and the dialect of Limburg. Adding to the bizarre impression he makes as some sort of raging lunatic. The audience applauds and laughs throughout the lecture.