In random order.

1. An independent country

2. Nobody getting followers for having a social media account that is about posing in bikinis with cocktails or any other superficial shit

3. Medicare4all in the US

4. The slashing of the US military budget

5. An end to all wars. One can dream…

6. Belgium NOT splitting

7. The paying of some form of reparations to black Americans to undo a tiny bit of the damage that the institution of slavery caused

8. Gay marriage legal everywhere around the global. And at the same time less and less people opting to get married. Basically I want gays to have the same rights as heterosexual. Even when it includes jumping into a marriage (often an entirely unnecessary and limiting move)

9. An independent Palestine not harassed in any way by Israel or the merging of Palestine and Israel into some new country that is completely democratic and secular

10. A bike culture and bike infrastructure in Slovakia and other countries just like they have in The Netherlands


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