1. Portugal6. South-Korea11. Belgium16. Slovenia21. Argentina
2. Iceland7. Afghanistan12. The Netherlands17. Egypt22. Spain
3. Brazil8. Mongolia13. Slovakia18. Australia23. Poland
4.The US9. Vietnam14. Czech Republic19. Canada24. Ireland
5. Russia10. China15. Croatia20. Mexico25. Scotland
They speak Portugese, but it’s not Portugal
Fat people with guns
The first country to legalize euthanasia
Bad chocolate. Bad meat. Bad beer. Krakow. Katyn. Jan Sobieski.
So few people live there that everyone knows each other. Saying you ran into someone you know is a legitimate excuse when you are late for work.
Tango. Steak. Hiding nazis. Wine. Spanish.
Bull fights. Paella. Armada. Alva.
The transiberian express, vodka, orthodox, conservative
This country was reunified in 1975 after the fall of Saigon
Dhenghis Kahn
They drink more beer than any other people on earth. White socks in sandals. They often get lost and die in the Tatra mountains.
Maple leaves. Very friendly. English and French. Gigantic. Great healthcare
They used to send criminals, thieves and prostitutes to this place
Ai Caramba! So much violence because of drugs. Nachos. Tortillas. Sombrero
Dubrovnik. Split. Zadar. Islands. Long coastline. Tourism. Rakija.
Poppy seeds. Heroin. Oppressed women. Invaded by the Soviet Union.
They like sheep cheese, pork, cabbage soup. Everybody hates Fico
French fries. Waffles. Chocolate. A lot of Parliaments.
Piran. Portoroz. Maribor. Srecko Kosovel. France Preseren.
Potato famine. Red hair. Eire.
Braveheart. Kilts.
Samsung. Kimchi. K-pop.
The middle kingdom

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