141. Your current reality is mostly a reflection of your beliefs

You have probably seen the following quote somewhere on the internet: we do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.

For example: if you walk around thinking people are driven by bad intentions you will interpret even the kindest act as somehow motivated by greed, a hidden self-serving agenda or something nasty.

If you assume people are intrinsically good and intend to do the best in any given situation you will immediately see how many people are toiling and striving to do a good job and to be of service.

This doesn’t mean nobody ever acts in a nasty way, but why not give people the benefit of the doubt?

If you look for the good in people you will almost always find it.

142. There’s no need to be squeamish about sex anymore. I don’t get people who are more ‘injured’ by a sex scene than a murder scene on tv.  I think we can agree a healthy sex life is a very important building block of most people’s lives. At the same tiime we know that watching porn is going to undermine your relationship and will disrupt your search for a partner if you are single.

Be interested in sex, but be interested in – cheesiness alert – love making, not in masturbating via someone else’s body.

Embrace sexuality as an art, a way of expressing love, of establishing intimacy.

Fight the urge for a quick fix and only have sex with people you are truly attracted to.

Because you will feel icky if you sleep around.  And the ickniness will not wash off easily.

143. If you really love someone you’ll be willing to let them go if you think they can be happier without you. Plus, when you let go of what you love, it finds a way back to you. Trust that what you love is meant for you. If you truly love someone that person will love you back. If not, then it’s not love, but neediness.

144. A true friend is someone you can call in the middle of the night to come and pick you up in the middle of nowhere

I know somewhere on this list is written that friendship doesn’t exist, there are only people agreeing to use each other. Well, let’s say true friendship is super exceptional and this would be one way to check who is a true friend: who is ready to come and help you in the middle of the night?

145. People talk the most about what they don’t have or crave more of

People who feel they don’t have enough money will talk about money. People who crave sex will talk about sex.

The strange thing is that they will talk about it as if they have it while the opposite is true.

A rich woman doesn’t have to tell you she is rich. The same is true for anything else.

The world’s greatest snowboarder is probably not going to tell you he is the world’s greatest snowboarder. If he is truly so good at snowboarding chances are he is too busy living his passion to shout about his abilities from the rooftops.

146. You can’t be really in touch with more than 150 people

This is called Dunbar’s number. You can stay up to date about what is going on in somebody’s life in only 150 cases at any one point in your life. Otherwise there is just too much happening to keep track of. Where did Lindsay move to? Who is pregnant? Who has just found a new job? And these are just superficial facts. Try to intimately know 150 people… Even 150 is a serious challenge. It’s the limit of our human brain actually.

147. Your five favorite movies (or stories) say something profound about you

148. Americans have a ‘can do’ mentality, Europeans have a ‘ok, this is probably going to fail, but let’s try it anyway’ mentality and – joke alert – Russians seem to have a ‘fail for the sake of failing’ attitude

This says surprisingly little about the results. You can be doubtful about something and somehow make it work if you are committed enough and you can be super optimistic about an endeavour and completely fail.

149. If you give people responsibility they will usually rise to the occasion

150. Looks totally trump content and competence in the initial stage of getting to know someone

151. People will get far more upset about one murder than about millions of babies dying from poor sanitation and bad water

152. That feeling of butterflies in your belly at the start of a new relationship? All those lovely butterflies will be death after six to nine months and in the best case you can use their decaying corpses as manure for a lovely vegetable and flower garden…. If you expect the butterflies to stay you will have to start hopping from one infatuation to the next…. The fluttering of the butterflies is highly addictive, but growing that garden can be deeply nourishing. You decide what you need most.  

153. Artistic girls are better in bed, girls who look like sex bombs are usually totally not explosive and entirely innocent in bed… The most silent girl in the room will usually be the biggest surprise in the sack. Just one example of saying: looks deceive, don’t judge a book by the cover and everyone you meet will at least carry one paradox inside.

154. If you’re open about yourself others will open up to you. Sharing leads to sharing.

155. We all have wild, ‘dirty’ fantasies. The thing you are ashamed of, the thing you think makes you a total freak is most likely much more common than you assume

156. If you’re in a position of power you will always be criticized

157. You need to give 5 compliments for every critical remark if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with someone

158. The best breakfast is a hug and a kiss. The second best breakfast is something with lots of fiber, protein, fat, low on carb and without refined sugar.

159. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Everyone you meet is a teacher of some sort

People pick up on your vibration. The people you meet on your path are a reflection of the way you feel. Your feelings actively attract and repel people.

This makes everyone you meet your teacher. Everyone you meet holds up a mirror.

The more you are aware of this mechanism the more you can learn about yourself and adjust.

This principle makes everyone you meet into something like traffic signs on the path to your happiness.

Pay attention.

160. The saddest people will try to make you laugh the hardest, because they never want anyone else to feel that way