161. Lazy idiots are harmless

162. Hard-working idiots are dangerous

163. There such a thing as a ‘love language’. There are five of them. Learn about them, use them, disover the love language of the people you care about. It’s really something worth looking into.

The love languages are: words of appreciation, touch, spending quality time together, acts of service and gifts.

Knowing how you express love and how you prefer to receive love and knowing this about your partner is one of the most important keys to building a lasting relationship.

164. People treat you in accordance with your own self-worth

Am talking about a healthy, solid level of self-worth, not arrogance. If you have a calm, loving attitude towards yourself almost all people will react accordingly and treat you kindly and with respect. And if once in a while somebody is rude to you it will not faze you and you will realize that it’s they who have a problem and not you. When you care about yourself you don’t easily give other people the power to ruin your day.

165. To turn boys into men we need a rite of passage and a much clearer rulebook about what it means to be a man. And boys need to spend much more time alongside men.

166. What you think about you will become. The way we define ourselves works almost like a magic spell.

For example: It’s much more powerful to say ‘I value my body and only eat nourishing fuel’ than it is to say: ‘am on a diet’.

The more precise you are the better.

It’s more powerful to say ‘I build bridges between people’ than to say ‘I like people’.

The ways you define yourself will work like a blueprint for your every day actions.

Be very careful about how you define yourself.

If you define yourself in a way that doesn’t resonate with who you actually are you will be functioning like a diesel engine running on lemonade or vodka.

Define yourself in accordance with who you are. If you are a gentle person and think it’s bad to be a gentle person defining yourself as a ‘tough motherfucker who takes no prisoners’ it is just going to cause you and others pain. You could empower yourself by defining yourself as: ‘I am a gentle person, but I fight like hell for what I think is right’.

For help in defining yourself in an empowering way, contact me.

167. People who tell you something can’t be done are defending their own excuses to not do what they want to do. They are scared you will succeed and expose their own inaction and lack of initiative.

168. A day that starts with a morning run is better than a day that starts without one

This can also be rowing, walking, swimming, cycling…. Get at least half an hour of at least medium intensity exercise and your day will go a lot better than without it. Make it a firm habit.

169. Good colleagues are more valuable than a good salary

170. Europeans usually have NO IDEA how spoilt they are

171. A manifestation against something only feeds the thing it tries to destroy. Promote what you are for, not what you are against. What you push away will always come back in force 

172. The more you listen to people the more interesting they will find you, even if you say almost nothing 

Try it. The effects can be amazing.

173. You can’t learn a language from an exercise book

174. If you love a woman she can only love you back

This is complicated to explain, but if you are interested in how this works, feel free to write me.

175. Going for a walk is almost always a terrific idea. 30 minutes of walking every day is just as good as taking the antidepressant Zoloft for example, though the effect of the walking takes hold a little slower, in the end it seems to be just as effective. And there are no side effects, unless you’re wearing really bad shoes. Check out a more scientific article about this here.

176. Give. I know, when you’re feeling blue you might be wondering why you are not being given to, but paradoxically, giving is a mood booster. Give to a cause, volunteer your time, give to a person in need, give attention to a friend who might be feeling even worse than you are. Helping someone else, helps uplift your mood. Everything in moderation of course, if you constantly overgive, you’ll end up feeling drained, then it’s time to voice your needs and stand up for them.

177. Spend time with loved ones or at least with people who are fun to be around. It’s typical for people with depression to want to withdraw, but this is like heading back into a trap that will just make it worse. It will take a bigger effort than usually to drag yourself to good company while you’re in a slump, but once you get there, you’ll feel a lot better.

178. Express yourself. Expression is a great antidote to depression. Get the moody stowaway out of your system in some creative way. Paint, write, sing along with some angry, upbeat or even a sad song. Venting is a good way to feel better. There are some theories that see depression basically as a form of repressed anger, so see if that could be true for you and vent the anger (as long as you don’t hurt anyone, of course, and that includes yourself).

179. Keep a happiness stash on hand. What we mean by this: draw up a list for example with things you are proud of in your life, or happy memories, or people and events that you are grateful for. I keep mine in my wallet, it’s not bigger that the size of a business card, but when I look at it I get some instant endorphins.

180. Hug. Hug humans. In the absence of humans, friendly cats and dogs will do. In the absence of good-natured cats and dogs, anything furry and breathing will do. Except cockroaches maybe. Wait, do those even breathe? Are those furry?

Go hug a human.

But stop before they stop breathing.