121. Never use excuses. Take FULL responsibility for your life. Your excuses are lies to keep you comfortable

Coming up with reasons why you aren’t succesful or can’t be succesful is just a way to DELUDE YOURSELF.

In the end it becomes a most toxic self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you are walking around with a dream you have all that it takes to make that dream real.

The biggest obstacle standing between you and success is you.

122. Ask the right questions

Instead of falling into despair always ask the right question. Your brain is a problem solving machine. If I ask you right now which bakery in your city has the best location you will instantly start figuring it out. Your brain will run all kinds of calculations, make all sorts of comparisons and drew up all kinds of criteria. Want to get somewhere? Just run the right question past your brain. How can I make 3,000 euro in Vietnam? How can I set up a pizzeria that drastically reduces the delivery times compared to the competition? How can I set up a shop with Spanish food products in Stockholm? How can I go dates with 100 different women this year? How can I become the owner of five apartments in Dublin? ASK and keep asking. Your brain will figure it out.

123. Treat whatever happens as a gift

Turn negatives into positives. Turn setbacks into opportunities. Can’t enter through the door? Enter through a window.

It’s not humanly positive to treat EVERYTHING as a gift, but let’s say 90 percent of unpleasant stuff that happens to you has a hidden message to help you turn things around for the better in your life. It just radically changes your perspective and makes you much more resourceful.

124. Know what you stand for and keep it simple. Know your one word.

Evan Carmichael came up with this idea and I LOVE it. Most success books and motivational literature are a waste of time, but I do warmly recommend the book  Your One Word. There are magical effects to discovering what you stand for in just one word. Let’s say when you have your one word you can now start offering whatever it is you want to offer with the right sauce.

It has a way of simplifying your mission. One word can hit you more than a long text of course. Once you have your one word it becomes a lot easier to remind yourself of WHY you are doing something.

Yup, if you have a why you can deal with any how. It’s true.

125. There is nice to have and there is need to have. Learn the difference.

You basically need air, food, water, some clothes and a warm and dry place to live. You don’t need as much as you think. Desiring too much stuff can prevent you from reaching your goal. You can save a lot of money by buying only what you need. You can then use the money to invest in reaching your goal.

126. Expenses rise to meet income. Be very aware of this all too human principle.

Once you become a success and have more money you may soon discover that no matter how much money you make you never have enough and are always running out of money. This is because psychologically something happens that is called: expenses rise to meet income. Don’t fall into this trap. Don’t become one of those people who, yes, they made a million dollars or even more and less than 5 years later they are completely broke and in debt.

127. No matter the kind of success you strive for there is one thing you will always need: your health.

It may certainly sound romantic to become a super success and then to die of an overdosis at 27 or to be horribly overweight and die of a heart attack at 45. What’s the point of that kind of success? If you don’t value your health, if you don’t make sure you feel good in your body, you will not enjoy whatever success you are able to create…

128. Your social status affects your health

Your social status obviously determines how people are going to treat you, but people with high status also live longer. Being able to feel proud about yourself and being held in high esteem on its own will make you live longer… That’s crazy, it’s unfair, and truly scary, but you better use it your advantage: whatever you do, let it be something you can be proud of.

129. Geography is usually the most deciding factor in all your relationships, out of sight, out of heart

130. You can be the ripest, juiciest apple in the world and you will always some people who just simply hate apples

131. Never check email or social media in the morning, if you can resist the urge, your productivity will go up and you’ll have more ideas

132. If you can stand the silence you will actually hear your own thoughts, which is a brutal experience at first, but revealing

Silence is underrated. It’s more challenging for a modern human being to sit alone with his or her own thoughts for five minutes than to put their hand on a hot plate.

Go sit in silence.

We fear it cause it’s when we go and sit in silence that our real issues come up.

133. You don’t have to accept every thought you have

That’s the good news. You can sit in silence and watch your thoughts come and go as if they are being projected on a screen. You only own the thought if you decide to own it. Otherwise they are just thoughts. You don’t have to take them as the truth.

134. If you can’t stop thinking about something, don’t give it up

135. If you can’t stop thinking about someone don’t give him/her up without a struggle

136. It’s worth it to live in poverty to chase your dreams, it beats the hell out of living in relative comfort and not chasing your dream

137. People who are really interested in you will make a real effort to get to know you

138. Reading books costs a lot of time and the benefits are not spectacular,  but there are far, far, faaaaaar worse ways to spend an evening

139. There are no guilty pleasures, if you enjoy it than enjoy it totally guilt-free

140. You are more culturally brainwashed than you think. Your opinions are mostly rehash of what you’ve wittingly or unwittingly absorbed and tend to match the opinions of the people you feel the most loyalty towards