No headache. So glad about that.

Feel drained, lifeless, without energy, subdued, in a bubble…

Vague helmet like feeling around my head, but not in a painful way. Just vague pressure especially in my temple area.

Focus only slightly better than when caffeinated. Caffeine or not, I qualify for the ADHD label.


Mentally as much of a wreck as on most other days.

I sleep a bit longer and feel like sleeping more. Even though I wake up at 4.30 I stay in bed for as long as I can.

I drink a lot less, cause without caffeine in my drinks I don’t feel any special urge to drink anything… I have to push myself to drink water.

Heartbeat seems raised as if I was still on a high dose of caffeine…

I went running for the first time in months. No way to know if this is because of the caffeine detox, but it might be.

I will stay off caffeine, but I was expecting this to do more for my mental health… Maybe I expect too much of one little change.