1. walk in first, cause they are shy and you are the one who made reservations

2. Order drinks first and give her time to order the food

3. order starters, even if you have to order for her

4. don’t wolf down your food and let her start eating first before you start

5. Definitely toast your glasses and make strong eye contact while doing so

6. If she likes wine ordering a bottle of wine is a good idea

7. definitely go for dessert. Dopamine hits!

8. agree with her when she tells you emotionally charged personal stories, but be sure to openly disagree if she says something about politics or non-personal issues you disagree with. It makes you supportive, but also real

9. you pay (unless it s clear to both of you she is way richer than you are, in that case it s actually good to let her pay, it s like you’re her gigolo then) If you drink something somewhere else later then she can pay, the thing is to pay the biggest bill first. Allowing her to pay something puts her at ease

10. ask her casually if she’s enjoying her food. It’s just good manners

11. ask her non-boring questions that stimulate her imagination (we can write a blog post with examples if necessary

12. tease her, pretend she is a ‘bad’ girl, even suggesting she is a dangerous psycho (if done well) will make her laugh. At least you’re not idealizing her or worshipping her. Better to tease her than to adore her (not that you can’t adore her, but in moderation)

13. don’t look at other hot women, just don’t

14. say she looks absolutely gorgeous when she arrives and say it like you mean it. don’t wait for or expect a response. Really take a moment to shamelessly check her out


16. by the way, SMILE

17. lest I forget: SMILE

18. Have I mentioned you should SMILE?

19. Be nice to other people. she is rating you on your overall behaviour not just towards her

20. upon meeting her kiss her slowly and put your hand on her upper arm , when you remove it do it in a slow caressing way, like let your touch linger for a bit

21. make jokes, tease her, but also share ONE, and I do mean ONE, emotionally charged piece of info about yourself. If you cried when your dog died when you were ten tell her. But limit this to ONE such moment on a first dinner date

22. the same goes for negative comments about yourself: MAXIMUM one. And it’s not a necessity. Zero self-deprecating comments are also fine and NO BRAGGING.

23. avoid negative topics. avoid criticizing people. Better praise people. Like praise your brother, say very positive things about your male friends, don’t brag about yourself, but tell her how wonderful your friends are by specifically describing what makes them great and what you like about them

24. touch, touch, touch, touch, touch

25. tease – compliment – tease – compliment – tease – compliment, push and pull, push and pull

There’s a bunch of stuff you can do to make it an entertaining night, but the most important thing is to relax AND ENJOY HER COMPANY.

If I had to sum it up in 5 words I’d say: bathe yourself in her being.


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