Yesterday I had to teach from 7 am to 8 pm. With breaks in between.

By about 12.30 my head started aching. By about 15.30 my headache was excruciating. I felt like vomitting. I was nauseous. I could barely focus on teaching.

THAT is one of the things caffeine does to me. When I don’t drink it even for a single day I am a WRECK.

Not to mention the suicidal thoughts that go along with quitting caffeine.

I have written about this before, but this time I really see how caffeine affects me, why I drink caffeinated beverages and why I also drink way too much of them.

On this second day am feeling more focused and more energetic and even a bit more cheerful.

We’ll see how this progresses.

I hope this is going to have a huge positive impact.