I fall asleep earlier.

I sleep one or even two hours than longer than before.

I wake up at about 3 or 4 am and can’t sleep anymore.

I tend to stay in bed till about 7 am and listen to audiobooks. If this continues am planning to just get up and start my day.

I have had a headache every day, but it’s been a mild one. It even goes away in the late afternoon, especially after spending some time outside. Am hoping these headaches will stay away eventually.

I am much calmer. Or to be specific: I am able to stay calmer.

My anxiety levels are not much lower. I thought that caffeine was raising my cortisol levels so much it caused me to feel anxious. It looks like this anxiety isn’t caused by any caffeine intake.

My mind is still racing all the time and thinking about what more I can do, what to focus on, how to be more productive, more succesful, etc. Clearly this eternal hunger for more success is not caused by caffeine either.

It’s not a hunger for more food though.

I don’t feel like eating between meals. After a meal I feel full and I don’t feel like eating for hours.

I don’t feel a difference in the quality of the sleep I am getting. Also on caffeine I woke up feeling well-rested.

I now often wake up with a racing heart beat. You would think that caffeine is behind that, but it’s happening now that am completely off caffeine.

I am more present. One of my friends said I play a lot less with my phone.

I think my son feels it too. We had – even – more fun playing and interacting.

Caffeine makes me look for extra impulses, distraction, things to react to.

Caffeine gives me symptoms of ADHD.

These symptoms are mostly gone.

These are not the only reasons I quit caffeine.

I was getting tired of preparing tea and coffee x times a day.

It saves some money, not a lot, but some.

I found it a little annoying to always think where my next hit of caffeine was going to come from while moving around town. I often had a glass bottle of strong green tea with me. I have replaced it with fresh ginger tea.

I do drink less. On caffeine am continually drinking throughout the day. Tea and coffee.

Now I drink several glasses of water, maybe a bowl of soup and some ginger tea. Am less motivated to drink something, because I did enjoy the bitter taste of strong green tea or coffee and the immediate effect of a big caffeine hit. This tingling rush to the brain that seems to lift a thick film. That effect wears off fast and you want it again.

Another reason is that I don’t want these drinks to stain my teeth. Not sure if they did, but don’t want to continue with this habit.

The coolest benefits are being more present, not having food cravings.

I was expecting my anxiety levels to go down, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.

Maybe more cardio exercises could help there.

I hope more benefits to being off caffeine will pop up. Maybe it will take several weeks for the full – hopefully positive – effect to be noticeable.

So what do you think? What role does caffeine play in your life?


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